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Welcome to Shou-Chan's online heaven. This journal is dedicated to myself, the only place that I could talk about anything and everything that I want. I decided to fill this journal back on 2009, though I created this on 2005. At the beginning, the things that majority I talked about was TVXQ-5. But as time goes by, I talked about everything that was stuck on my mind, from Yaoi, supernatural, any pictures , till my daily life (not so many). And no. I'm not fanfic writer as I only wrote 2 stories loooooooong time a go. Now I think the yaoi that I mostly talked about is Viewfinder. I usually fangirling over it when the new chapter release xD
I love YunJae fanfic,I used to love YJ fanfic, the only fanfic that I can read (along with viewfinder), since I realize I cannot escape from it though I've been on hiatus from it since 3 years a go Not anymore but definitely I'm a HUGE HOMIN SHIPPER though I didn't read their fanfic.(I read some of them --majority drabble or oneshot).
There will be no picture spam. I will only talked about what I thought, in a long words, here. For download links, picture spam, a not so long random talk,  and a little bit Gay porn shows (not anymore) and yaoi, you can go to my other heaven on MY TUMBLR. But I admit majority is about Queer as Folk not anymore. LoL, Supernatural, Funny post from Lolsofunny, and Yaoi that I like (majority is Viewfinder.. again xD). Edit : I'm on NARUSASUNARU MODE ON. SO MOSTLY I POSTED AND REBLOGED NARUSASUNARU POSTS. And Yes as in 2014 I admit I'm addicted to tumblr. Sorry LJ. But I still love ya and will try to keep it alive. lolololol.

2014 :
My OTP are :
- Homin from TVXQ
- SasuNaruSasu /SNS from Naruto (Preferable Narusasu)
- Itasasu from Naruto (BroTP)
- Asami x Aki / AxA from Viewfinder
- Sam x Dean from Supernatural (BroTP) (I hate Destiel. LoL)

DO NOT ADD ME AS YOU FRIEND EXCEPT if you talk to me first and tell me about yourself and the reason why you add me. Because I don't know about you and what you want since I have nothing here. Just leave a comment at whatever post you want.

>>My Fanfic<<
Title : The Hard times in YunJae’s Life
Summary : The story is only about YunJae's life. They were dating, married, and then they are trying to have a baby. Simple? yaah.. not that simple..^^
Title : You Know I love you, baby (YunJae Vers)
Summary : Jae wants to break up because he feels that he’s only in the second place in Yun’s heart
Title : You Know I love you, baby (MinSu vers)
Summary : Same as above, but it's Changmin and Junsu version as original story. Because it's fits Changmin's personality more than Yunho :P

Title : The Wrong Way (UnPublish)
Summary :
What will happen to us on our 10th year of relationship?
Me : OMG OMG I REMEMBER I WROTE THIS! I wrote around 5 chapters, all of them never been published, and I lost the plot on my book T__T
>>Fanfic List (Not mine)<<
Ficlist full with summary and warning if any (Updated on March 2013)
Ficlist through memories (some of them are friend lock - will open it soon)

Queer as Folk - Britin only
Ficlist (Gotta update with another links)
YunJae (old fic list. I don't read it anymore -except for one or two fics)
Ficlist 1
Ficlist 2 (private)
Ficlist 3 (private)
Ficlist 4 (through memories by genre)

Special YJ fics that always be in my heart :
the championsCollapse )
My thoughts about a certain things

Free talk time : Queer as Folk
Free talk time : Viewfinder part 1 (FULL of spoiler till volume 5)
Free talk time : Viewfinder part 2 (FULL of spoiler till volume 5)
Free talk time : Zetsuai Bronze
Free talk time : My memory of Mirage of Blaze (be careful with the ending spoiler)
Free talk time : Kyou Kara maou ~Pairing wars
Free talk time : Maiden Rose
Free talk time : WARKOP DKI (Best Indonesian comedian group, ever :D)
Stupid talk time : I love Minsu.. and YUNHO!
15 October 2015 @ 02:55 pm
I mean...not really comeback to the fandom. And I still only care about duo..

...But Okay I admit, I'm back to Yunjae fanfic.



Up to you. But I enjoy reading their fics. lmao
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03 October 2015 @ 08:25 am

Have a tiny -little- spot for this ship. Who blame it when you used to ship them so hard for years, you read many fanfics of them, you know every little thing about their moments, you have Gigas of their datas (photo, vid, manip, etc) and you haven't delete it cuz you just don't want to do it.

Damn you twitter yesterday..

I won't tell who is it but some of you might be know what I am talking about. I'm still like I used to be for the past 4-5 years. And I still  don't care to the other party, and I still ship my current ship...

Yeah I don't ship 'them' anymore but I want to see them to hug to each other for once...damn you this tiny spot of old memories..

It's a guilty pleasure

Kalo ngga... gue bikin versi Bahasa Indonesianya yang diambil dari Spanish scanlation group...

...Pake Google translate (dan gue edit2 biar lebih manusiawi dibacanya..)
17 May 2015 @ 09:36 pm
Gue gak ngerti... kenapa ada banyak orang (khususnya para penulis fanfic) yang menghapus akun livejournalnya, dengan alasan yang gue pikir cukup konyol : udah gak pake LJ, banyak kenangan pait, atau udah gak difandom tertentu lagi.

AJEGILE LOE! Tinggalin aja napah, tanpa perlu dihapus.
Asal loe tau, sesuatu yang dihapus, PERMANEN, gak akan bisa loe dapetin lagi , gak bisa lo kenang lagi, dikemudian hari. Believe me, suatu saat loe akan merasa rindu sama tulisan2 konyol loe, loe akan rindu sama masa2 lebay loe, loe juga akan kenangan2 indah loe yang ada di Lj loe. Itu yang gue rasain....

Biarpun gue udah jarang abis nyentuh2 LJ (Kecuali kalo Vf lagi update. kekekekeke -- dibutuhkan buat masuk ke YA Comm xD), tapi kadang2 gue suka iseng2 buka entry2 jadul gue, yang suka bikin gue ketawa sendiri. "Oooh gini toh jalan pikiran gue dulu"

Anggaplah LJ ini diary loe dimasa muda. simpen. Rawat. Kenang!


14 April 2015 @ 01:54 pm

I wanna confess something....

I read YJ fanfic again though I don't ship them anymore.....it's good tbh 😱😱😱😱😱😱

I wanna confess again....

since 2008 I cannot read bandfic! anymore since it's hard to imagine the yunho in fanfic is the same with the Yunho I know 😂😂😂

13 December 2014 @ 08:43 pm
I didn't realize that if I linked my twitter with Livejournal, it will post ALL of your tweets!!!! Look. I know it's one of some ways to keep Lj alive but...it looks like a trash on Lj..*click delete many times* *click logout twitter on Lj*

*re-thinking to change LJ layout from Maiden Rose into Narusasu*
*re-thinking that my current Layout is sooooo beautiful with Taki on it*
30 October 2014 @ 09:21 am
Actually I want to post it yesterday, but work fangirling on tumblr ate my time. In order to keep my very first blog alive, I should post something here. And as usual, it's only viewfinder RAW xDDDDDDD

First of all, we got....

ASAMI'S ID CARD PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man I never  thought that one day I can see his ID Card photo xDD. Who took it? Who took it??? Don't tell me it's Aki. LoLoLoL. Okay.. staph with fangirling. Let's continue with posting a chinese scans
Asami""s smexiness is here, babyCollapse )

I thought that hoodie dude would be killed by Asami, but who thought he ran away xD. And tbh, I though this is the end of this arc, but it turned wrong again. Lmao. But I'm glad it's not true. I love mystery. I love long arc... as long as it's not as long as Naruto's war arc (wtf am I talking about?). It seems current arc will take longer than Naked Truth. I DON'T MIND since it's different from NT...I mean... my OTP are not separated. hahahhaa

Who's that hoodie guy? some people said he looks like a foreigner. Dude what foreigner while you barely sees his face xDD. No he's Japanese. If that guy is not Japanese, Aki would realize it by his accent. And no he's not Asami's rival. What kind of big boss would go to a dangerous place, alone??? a poor boss?? xD. My bet is.. he's Asami's rival's man. And no it's not Fei Long. He isn't the only Asami's rival It's a man who had a dirty business with Sudoh...maybe ;P

I won't talk about how pathetic Sudoh glared by Asami, and witnessed a lovey dovey scene of AxA and don't tell me how poor that boy since he's still alive. LMAO

Talking about lovey dovey.....DUDE WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO HIM WHEN HE FIND OUT THE XXXXX SCENES OF AKI & SAKAZAKI??? Will he keep his cool side while shooting Saka's head, or will his Susanoo craziness awekened by it like this one??
Just change Madara into Asami and Naruto as Sakazaki..for the picture above only x)
But actually, I always thought the scene will be like...Asami talking to Saka about underground business in a room, calmy, but then when the talk end, suddenly Asami grab Saka's hand, pulling a knife on his pocket, place the hand on a table, and then BAM. He stab that poor hand on it . Or should it be like this?
No I'm not S. Asami is an S.

Okay this is the end of this post (I'm writing this one at my office. LOLOLOL). I will post about the other part of best day of my fujo's live.
Yes...IF YOU ONLY KNOW THAT FINALLY SASUNARU IS CANON?????????????? Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
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11 May 2014 @ 01:54 pm
Livejournal is like a ghost town now ;_______;
Many people migrated into another one, such as Tumblr, like me ;_______;

I still love livejournal, and it's still linked into my Email, so I will know whatever happens to my Lj (new comment, new message, etc). this is the very first social media of mine, that made me found so many fujos on internet. I won't ditch it ;_________;

Since I'm bored, and to keep my Lj alive, lemme post this Vf chapter ^________^

01 March 2014 @ 12:49 am
If I compare to my tumblr. Lmao.
Sooooooooooo....to make it more lively (again), I'll post a chinese scanlation of Pray in the Abyss.


HOLY COP @#J#$JKAFJAKSD@#$ THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS!!!! Looks like a real couple! well.. the cover fool you. LoL
stop talking about anything just post the rest already!Collapse )
Takaba is so damn gorgeous here!! Agree?? Agree? LoL
continue..Collapse )
Bonus : RATED R
Cover onlyCollapse )

YAYYYY We will get new chapter of main story PLUS Pink Gold on April!! xDDD How can't I get excited to hear that after the damn long hiatus??

Euuu.. tbh, a bit dissapointed with this chapter because... Asami is only one page plus two damn gorgeous covers. LoL. At least I can see Takaba in suit :3
but..but.. HOLY MOLY this is the first one that we can see a bunch of ladies in vf!!! and sexieh ones! LoL. Takaba looks so tall  here..I smell she's a bad girl...and I smell a het smex on the next chapter xDDDDDD. C'mon Takaba, nee-chan will support you to be a real man!! But promise me after this you have to go back as Asami's! LoL

Psst : I suspect that Kuroda IS Asami's lil brother... at least half brother.. or cousin maybe? LoL