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Welcome to Shou-Chan's online heaven. This journal is dedicated to myself, the only place that I could talk about anything and everything that I want. I decided to fill this journal back on 2009, though I created this on 2005. At the beginning, the things that majority I talked about was TVXQ-5. But as time goes by, I talked about everything that was stuck on my mind, from Yaoi, supernatural, any pictures , till my daily life (not so many). And no. I'm not fanfic writer as I only wrote 2 stories loooooooong time a go. Now I think the yaoi that I mostly talked about is Viewfinder. I usually fangirling over it when the new chapter release xD
I love YunJae fanfic,I used to love YJ fanfic, the only fanfic that I can read (along with viewfinder), since I realize I cannot escape from it though I've been on hiatus from it since 3 years a go Not anymore but definitely I'm a HUGE HOMIN SHIPPER though I didn't read their fanfic.(I read some of them --majority drabble or oneshot).
There will be no picture spam. I will only talked about what I thought, in a long words, here. For download links, picture spam, and a little bit Gay porn shows (not anymore) and yaoi, you can go to my other heaven on MY TUMBLR. But I admit majority is about Queer as Folk not anymore. LoL, Supernatural, Funny post from Lolsofunny, and Yaoi that I like (majority is Viewfinder.. again xD)

DO NOT ADD ME AS YOU FRIEND EXCEPT if you talk to me first and tell me about yourself and the reason why you add me. Because I don't know about you and what you want since I have nothing here. Just leave a comment at whatever post you want.

>>My Fanfic<<
Title : The Hard times in YunJae’s Life
Summary : The story is only about YunJae's life. They were dating, married, and then they are trying to have a baby. Simple? yaah.. not that simple..^^
Title : You Know I love you, baby (YunJae Vers)
Summary : Jae wants to break up because he feels that he’s only in the second place in Yun’s heart
Title : You Know I love you, baby (MinSu vers)
Summary : Same as above, but it's Changmin and Junsu version as original story. Because it's fits Changmin's personality more than Yunho :P

Title : The Wrong Way (UnPublish)
Summary :
What will happen to us on our 10th year of relationship?
Me : OMG OMG I REMEMBER I WROTE THIS! I wrote around 5 chapters, all of them never been published, and I lost the plot on my book T__T
>>Fanfic List (Not mine)<<
Ficlist full with summary and warning if any (Updated on March 2013)
Ficlist through memories (some of them are friend lock - will open it soon)

Queer as Folk - Britin only
Ficlist (Gotta update with another links)
YunJae (old fic list. I don't read it anymore -except for one or two fics)
Ficlist 1
Ficlist 2 (private)
Ficlist 3 (private)
Ficlist 4 (through memories by genre)

Special YJ fics that always be in my heart :
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My thoughts about a certain things

Free talk time : Queer as Folk
Free talk time : Viewfinder part 1 (FULL of spoiler till volume 5)
Free talk time : Viewfinder part 2 (FULL of spoiler till volume 5)
Free talk time : Zetsuai Bronze
Free talk time : My memory of Mirage of Blaze (be careful with the ending spoiler)
Free talk time : Kyou Kara maou ~Pairing wars
Free talk time : Maiden Rose
Free talk time : WARKOP DKI (Best Indonesian comedian group, ever :D)
Stupid talk time : I love Minsu.. and YUNHO!
11 May 2014 @ 01:54 pm
Livejournal is like a ghost town now ;_______;
Many people migrated into another one, such as Tumblr, like me ;_______;

I still love livejournal, and it's still linked into my Email, so I will know whatever happens to my Lj (new comment, new message, etc). this is the very first social media of mine, that made me found so many fujos on internet. I won't ditch it ;_________;

Since I'm bored, and to keep my Lj alive, lemme post this Vf chapter ^________^

01 March 2014 @ 12:49 am
If I compare to my tumblr. Lmao. make it more lively (again), I'll post a chinese scanlation of Pray in the Abyss.


HOLY COP @#J#$JKAFJAKSD@#$ THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS!!!! Looks like a real couple! well.. the cover fool you. LoL
stop talking about anything just post the rest already!Collapse )
Takaba is so damn gorgeous here!! Agree?? Agree? LoL
continue..Collapse )
Bonus : RATED R
Cover onlyCollapse )

YAYYYY We will get new chapter of main story PLUS Pink Gold on April!! xDDD How can't I get excited to hear that after the damn long hiatus??

Euuu.. tbh, a bit dissapointed with this chapter because... Asami is only one page plus two damn gorgeous covers. LoL. At least I can see Takaba in suit :3
but..but.. HOLY MOLY this is the first one that we can see a bunch of ladies in vf!!! and sexieh ones! LoL. Takaba looks so tall  here..I smell she's a bad girl...and I smell a het smex on the next chapter xDDDDDD. C'mon Takaba, nee-chan will support you to be a real man!! But promise me after this you have to go back as Asami's! LoL

Psst : I suspect that Kuroda IS Asami's lil brother... at least half brother.. or cousin maybe? LoL
12 September 2013 @ 07:24 pm
Aduh.. tidur gue gak bakalan nyenyak. Lagi lagi ada yang "nyerempet" Topik tentang Yunho tahun depan bakalan ikut Military Service. Bukannya gak yakin, tapi gue masih denial.
Gue gak bakalan segalau ini kalau mereka perginya berdua. Kalau sendiri2? Itu udah jelas berati TVXQ berakhir di tahun 2013, lalu sayonara selamanya. GAK MUNGKIN KAN HIATUS 4 TAUN! Gue tahaaann kalau cuma dua tahun dengan kemungkinan TVXQ comeback.

Memikirkan kata2 "sayonara selamanya" adalah hal paling bodoh yang bakal dilakuin. Ya memang mereka sekarang cuma 2, tapi keseluruhan mereka masih di Top 5 Korea (atau top 3 ya?). Dan di Jepang.. OMG LAGI NAIK2NYA MAU DI ILANGIN??? BEGO BANGET.

Gue terlalu "terikat" sama mereka. Gak ada sebenarnya dalam kamus gue "terikat hati" dengan artis/ public figure. Apapun yang mereka lakukan, bukan urusan gue dan gue gak mau tau. Tapi kalau ke mereka..

5 tahun berkecimpung di fandom ini, ketemu banyak teman yang sehati baik di LJ maupun di Forum, Bikin gue jadi sangat terikat dengan mereka.

sigh. Harusnya hari-hari ini gue fine-fine aja. Dan gue malah ngerasa sebaliknya...

Two or three pages are missing (Damn I can't find it). But one of them are able on YA Comm. If you're desperate to read it, BUYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Asami & Panther cover definitely worthed to buyy xDD

Diligent Manager Takaba Akihito's Alluring Night of Overtime

Sadly two pages are missingCollapse )

The last two page when he close his eyes.... GYAAAAAA ASAMI-SAMAAA!!! YOU'RE SO HANDSOMEEE!!! xD .By the way, Takaba looks so small standing beside him. And he definitely has no charisma as a boss. Asami did xD (of course! How come the manager wore a formal suit and tie only while his subordinate wore an expensive (lookin) three pieces suit? LoL xDDD. But here, we could see their personalities:
Mik : M
Aki : M
Fei : S
Asami :S

Gue paling demen ngebaca bagian akhirnya
Mik : Buchou, kopiin ini 30 kali (mukanya tengillll)
Fei :Apa maksudmu gak bisa ngecek? Ngapain aja lo kemaren? (udah kayak interogasi anak buah..kebalik amat xD)
Tapi paling asik lagi yang ini :
Asami : Buchou, teh! (serasa nyuruh pelayan)

BHUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Bener-bener gak punya kharisma sebagai Buchou! xD (mau doooong begitu ke Pak boss xD)
05 June 2013 @ 10:50 pm
gw dapet message. salah satu isinya adalah "segimana fujoshinya sih kamu?". Sebenernya mungkin dia minta jawaban yang simpel kayak "gue hardcore fan", tapi gue jawabnya panjang x lebar x tinggi gak pake dibagi dua xD. Gomen, girl, tangan gue waktu itu lagi gatel buat ngetik beginian (bosen ngetik rekap duit).

Dibilang fujoshi tingkat rendah, gak mungkin. Dibilang Fujoshi medok, gak juga. Dibilang fujoshi tengah-tengah, masa sih? jawabannya adalah, gw fujoshi medok yang lagi turun pangkat ke tingkat bromance, tapi udah naik lagi ke tingkat pemilih. Kalau pake flow chartnya begini :

Flow chartCollapse )

Dan itu sampai saat ini. Sekarang Gw orangnya pemilih. Biasanya kriteria yang dipakai ya ini dia :

kriteriaCollapse )

Intinya adalah, gue Ex fujo hardcore yang melahap semua judul. Meski sekarang gw bisa baca rating apa aja mulai dari yang super soft sampai yang super ngaco, gw masih sangat picky. Gak jaminan juga komik yang ngetopnya setengah mati pasti gue baca. Tergantung mood. Lagian gue lebih suka discovering underrated BL. hahahahaha
27 April 2013 @ 09:48 pm
What is the right word to describe Takaba??
But I love it. LoL


NOT FOR A WEAK HEART. But I DO REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVEEE IT. Who would think that chapter 9 turned like this?? No one! Sensei never failed to give us surprise! It is turned heavier and more more and moree interesting.
Convos antara AxA menarik banget. Percakapan mereka bener2 kerasa antara dua adult.Takaba ketauan Jealous XDD, Asami dengan gentlenya nawarin ganti kunci (masa masih ga tau juga itu Sudoh yang ambil??), Nyuruh untuk selalu nelepon dia jam 9 (buat mastiin Takaba masih idup ya? hohoho), tapi jujur aja, scene selanjutnya malah AWESOME!

Siapa sangka dibalik semua itu ada Sakazaki? Malahan sebenernya dia ada hubungannya dari chapter 1!! Apa maksudnya dia ngelakuin semua ini? benci Asami? (siapa sih yang gak benci dia.. kecuali vf fangirls xD). Bener kata Takaba, pasti ada lagi dalang lainnya yang ngebayar dia. SIAPAAA??? Belom lagi Adegan BJ yang direkam. uopppooo too maksudnyaa?? buat blackmailing Takaba kalo2 kepepet? Terus kenapa juga kalau udah nemuin tu cewek, jangan pernah ngomong dengan Sudoh. apa dia orang yang berbahaya dan licik (seperti kamu) yang kalau panik bisa ngebunuh Takaba?

Well...secara keseluruhan sih gue puas lah dengan ni chapter, walaopun ada sedikit 'noda' BLOWJOB disana...hahaha...

Satu hal yang gw harepin.. Pliiiiisss jangan bunuh karakter Sakazaki. Gw demen sama karakter dia. Rese! (secara gue paling males ngeliat karakter yang biasa2 saja atau karakter yang baik -ngebosenin- -atau karena gw lebih milih karakter baik di dunia nyata, makanya gw seneng ngeliat karakter nyebelin di komik? haha-. dulu sensei pernah bilang dia ada rencana untuk ngebunuh fei long, tapi batal gara2 ternyata banyak yang suka (pasti BUKAN gw lah). Kalau Saka-chan banyak yang sebel (diantara fans jepang), ga ketutup kemungkinan di akhir cerita dia dicincang Asami. haha). Tapi jujur gak kebayang tuh dia dibunuh Asami. Ga tau kenapa.. mungkin karena keliatannya dia ada gunanya buat Asami? Justru yang kebayang sama gue adalah.. dia dihajar sama Asami...bukan dengan cara ditonjokkin, gak "asami" banget deh. Mungkin di tembak dibagian yang gak vital atau ditusuk tangannya ke meja a la yakuza cuma buat bikin dia kapok?? sadis bener ya gue..
Asami's Mood: excitedexcited
24 April 2013 @ 10:34 pm

With Flashing Banners And Alarms Blasting Off
Summary : Brian and Justin have old history together but at the time are not together. Brian is going to get married to a new guy. Justin has other plans and he's not giving up on the brunet.

the Christmas eve
Summary :
Justin was pregnant. But he died in accident. But what will happen on the Christmas Eve??

A Precious Secret
Summary : Justin is pregnatnt during Stockwell-arc. enough summary ;)

An Inconceivable Secret
Summary : The sequel of a precious secret :)

Doing anything to make you love me
Summary : Hustler! Justin.. and... pregnant! Justin :D

A Captivating Coupling
Summary : Kidnapped! Justin and Kidnapped! Brian. And the kidnapper asked Brian to impregnant Justin xD

Justin's Baby
Summary : Justin gets more than he bargained for when he moves into the apartment of his dream

Warning : RICH Brian and POOR Justin

Summary : In 1920’s Pittsburgh, Brian is the most powerful man in the city and Justin is a starving artist just trying to survive from one day to the next

For Richer or For Poorer
Summary:Alternate Universe, Hustler!Justin, John!Brian
“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.”-Dalai Lama "Because sometimes you get exactly what you never knew you needed."


The Parent Trap
Summary : Loos adaption of the movie - Justin and Brian are living separate lives in different cities, raising one twin alone, what happens when their two daughters meet unexpectedly as pre-teens?
Note : Not MPREG Thou. Daphne is the mother :/. But still worthed to read :)

Needle Cushion
Summary : ''I was 19 when I left the Pitts for good. Good riddance. I am 27 now. Eight years. No calls, no messages, no nothing. I cut it all off. Swiftly. Without so much as a backward glance. There was nothing there for me. Never really was. The world was my oyster. And I planned on eating it all up. Eight years and I was coming back for a visit. To the Pitts of hell.''

Livin' On A Prayer
Summary : Justin was a geek in school and Brian tutored him, and later took his virginity.  Years later, they meet up again in Pittsburgh.
This is what I got when I was searching for Viewfinder tagWhat I got is...Collapse )
And this is what they got when they're searching for Viewfinder camera tag
what they got..Collapse )I think we both are pretty shocked by what we found.

After waiting for (almost) a year since the last book, finally HIDOKU SHINAIDE NEW CHAPTER WAS RELEASED COUPLE DAYS A GO!!! YIPPIEEE~~~~
But sadly I didn't found the whole scanlation (yet). The sources told us like  "I’m considering about sharing jp raw or waiting for someone help me translate this chapter. I’ll let you guys know as soon as I can!"
..Me :
Anyway, here's some of the scanlations
not my thouCollapse )
Credit : &
Wooowww... chapter 1 page 1 we immediately get hot "action" xD. The chapter is about their college life (like what Sensei tweeted to me last year :P), and someone suddenly asked Nemu chan if he were gay or not. hmm.. I smell love rival on Maya xD
By the way, Is it only me who thinks that or is it true that the shoulders are too.. wide?O_O

Soo this afternoon my friend tweet me something that.. makes me so SHOCKED. She said that.. TVXQ WILL COME TO INDONESIA to have their solo concert!!! sumpah gue kaget gila.. secara udah hopeless banget dari taun 2008 ditunggu tunggu gak dateng2!! dan promotor malah datengin grup2 laen yang malesin banget daaahhh. Gw bukan KPOP Fan. Dan gue lebih cinta duit gue daripada harus ngeluarin duit buat nonton konser di atas 100rb  50rb. Tapi kalo buat Abang-abang yang satu ini..(sshh.. Minnie lebih muda dari gue), GUE RELAAAA BAYAR BERAPA AJA BUAT NGELIAT KONSERNYA YUNHOOO~!! Dan Minnie tentunya :B
Ini dia twit yang dikasih temen gue
Read more...Collapse )
Tapi setelah dibaca dan diterawang twit2 lainnya.. sepertinya masih dalam rencana kecuali si Biru dan si Pink -____-" . Well at least they will try FOR THIS YEAR ^___^. Semogaaa... abis lebaran buat sambil nunggu THR
Padahal ini masih dalam rencana mereka, tapi gue juga ikut-ikutan berencana buat nyablon baju merah pake gambar TVXQ xDD

For those whose said Brian Kinney's true love is Michael or Brian is only love Michael

F YOU! You're delusional! You're imagining! He never F him because he only loves him as a brother, like what he did to Lindsay. And he IS NOT into Incest! So, here I will tell you something!

Justin is the first and the only man he ever said “I love you!” ROMANTICALLY

Justin is the first and the only man he ever claimed as his boyfriend

Justin is the first and the only man he ever proposed, TWICE, eventhough he was rejected at first.

should I add?

Justin is the first and the only man that made him so broken heart

Justin is the first and the only man that made him paid a hustler that looks like Justin

So for those whose fuckin crazy said Michael is Brian’s true love, GO TO HELL!!!!!!

So my brother suddenly borrowed my computer. I left it turned on. When he sat in front of it, I just realized, I haven't closed my gay shows folder. I was hoping he will close that *holy* folder. When I took a peek on the screen, BAM! I saw a horror. The MEDIA PLAYER WAS OPEN! I run as fast as I can, closed it by saying "okay.. don't open it. don't open it". Stupid me I know for saying that. what? I can't zip my mouth when I'm in panic! You know what? If I were late for around 40 seconds, this is what he will see :
WOOWCollapse )

Man's butt and BJ. Thanks GOD you still protect me! IF it were another episodes, he would immediately got
gays butt dancing on the opening song. And thanks GOD it was my brother, who had no interest in what I closed. If it were my sister, she will "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! YOU'RE HIDING PORN! LET ME SEE IT". but when she knows it were Gay, she will