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26 March 2013 @ 11:03 pm
[sticky post] Sticky Post : Just to organize my own journal (UPDATE DEC 2015)  
Welcome to Shou-Chan's online heaven. This journal is dedicated to myself, the only place that I could talk about anything and everything that I want. I decided to fill this journal back on 2009, though I created this on 2005. At the beginning, the things that majority I talked about was TVXQ-5. But as time goes by, I talked about everything that was stuck on my mind, from Yaoi, supernatural, any pictures , till my daily life (not so many). And no. I'm not fanfic writer as I only wrote 2 stories loooooooong time a go. Now I think the yaoi that I mostly talked about is Viewfinder. I usually fangirling over it when the new chapter release xD

I'M NOT KPOP LOVER, AND NEVER BEEN. Uh....okay.. maybe I was in 2010 (a Kpop Girlband lover) for months. But then I stuck on TVXQ only (Oh well I originally loves TVXQ only since 2008).
but I'M FUJOSHI , means that I love Boy x Boy story . BL subtext, hints, fanservices, shounen ai, yaoi, or even only fangirls fantasy.Too bad I hate bara.
I love read fanfics - all genre except tragedy. Too bad I only read YunJae, HominHo, Narusasu, Asami x Aki pairings.
This LJ is only about my daily life or random talk about everything (BL mostly. lol). For download links, picture spam, a not so long random talk, and yaoi, you can go to my other heaven on
MY TUMBLR. But I admit majority is about Yaoi/ Shounen ai, Narusasu, cool/funny/ interesting post/ pics

DO NOT ADD ME AS YOU FRIEND EXCEPT if you talk to me first and tell me about yourself and the reason why you add me. Because I don't know about you and what you want since I have nothing here. Just leave a comment at whatever post you want.

>>My Fanfic<<
Title : The Hard times in YunJae’s Life
Summary : The story is only about YunJae's life. They were dating, married, and then they are trying to have a baby. Simple? yaah.. not that simple..^^
Title : You Know I love you, baby (YunJae Vers)
Summary : Jae wants to break up because he feels that he’s only in the second place in Yun’s heart
Title : You Know I love you, baby (MinSu vers)
Summary : Same as above, but it's Changmin and Junsu version as original story. Because it's fits Changmin's personality more than Yunho :P
Title : The Wrong Way (UnPublish)
Summary :
What will happen to us on our 10th year of relationship?
Me : OMG OMG I REMEMBER I WROTE THIS! I wrote around 5 chapters, all of them never been published, and I lost the plot on my book T__T

>>Fanfic List (Not mine)<< [UPDATE 2015]
Ficlist through memories (some of them are friend lock - will open it soon)
Vf fanfics that I love is on my Ao3 bookmarks (psst : you SHOULD READ Amelita's fic. Her fanfics are AWESOME!) (Update 2015)

Here on my fanfictionNET bookmarks. Soooooo many (Update 2015)

QUEER AS FOLK - Britin only
Ficlist (WILL NOT UPDATE IT. I don't read it anymore)

YUNJAE (old fic list. Actually as in 2015 I made another list, but forget where xD)
Ficlist 1
Ficlist 2 (private)
Ficlist 3 (private)
Ficlist 4 (through memories by genre)

Special YJ fics that always be in my heart :

And it led me back to you (still on going - March 2013)
Summary : →Jung Moonbin discovers that his late mother wasn't who he thought she was; she wasn't his real mother. After tricking his father into thinking that he's going on a field trip, he sets off to find the person whose love he's always yearned for.
Warning : The most UnYunjae fic on YunJae fic, but still AWESOME

One step Closer
Summary : When a lie was heard and Jaejoong’s heart broke into pieces, how will Yunho make his life complete after they got married and found out that love isn’t a part of it?
Warning : Bastard! Yunho and Strong heart! JJ. I loove it

Always series
Ch1 ~ Ch2 ~ Ch3 ~ Ch4 ~ Ch5 ~ Ch6
Summary : Yunho made a terrible mistake when he left Jaejoong. Five years later, they reunited again, but Jaejoong wasn't alone anymore.
Note : MY MOST FAVORITE!! I Love JJ's strong heart and Yunho's regret here <3

summary : Yunho arrived on time for his brother’s wedding. He wanted to know about this mysterious guy that had made his brother fall head over heels in love with him. But when he arrived, his brother had committed suicide, only leaving behind a letter with the initials KJ and a brooch with the initial J. Now Yunho was seeking revenge. He was going to find KJ and make him pay for his brother’s suicide.
Note : One word : AWESOOOMEEE

Simply complicated
Summary : Life never been easy for 4 men
Warning : HoChun alert here.
avengeful! Jae. suffering! Yunho..well.. he deserve it . I love it so much

Echo of Dusk & Echo of Dawn
summary : Two men met one cold, winters day. One, a cook's assistant, the other a young lawyer. The year was 1950, when this instant attraction occurred... However, the threat of civil war loomed and the two found themselves faced with the risk of separation. Yunho swore he'd protect JaeJoong at all cost...but sometimes things don't always go the way we want them to. This is the process of two lovers healing each other... WARNING: OCCASIONAL IMPLICATIONS OF RAPE
note : My very first long YJ fic that's I've read. the story really got me hooked. touching and.. awesome.

shu24shu24 on March 26th, 2013 04:31 pm (UTC)
nice list, my sistaaa... bener bener lagi iseng diaa :P
shouichishouichi on March 28th, 2013 05:17 pm (UTC)
Biarin. Weeekkk :P
chiitakachie on March 26th, 2013 05:35 pm (UTC)
ya alloh dirimu kerasukan apa dah? XD
Nyebut warkop gw malah jd pengen nonton ketoprak humor.... =_="
shouichishouichi on March 28th, 2013 05:18 pm (UTC)
Gak kerasukkan. Cuma lagi penuh inspirasi buat nge-organize journal ku yang sudah tuir ini :P

BEUHHHH... Jau bener warkop sama Ketoprak Humor -__-"